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Northern Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite quail are common to the shortgrass prairie of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. They are a favorite among hunters and for people looking to stock their land with a native bird species.

Northern Bobwhite Quail

Sold in lots of 100 due to packing constraints however if you need under 100 eggs then we will work with you where possible.

***Call on Fridays for pricing and availabiliy***
*Shipping & handling is extra and determined by the amount ordered and destination.

( Ordered in groups of 50 )
50....................$1.50 each
100 to 450...........$ 1.20 each
500 and 950..........$ 1.00 each
1000 and 1950.............$ 0.90 each
If available in a Single Hatch
2000 and up...........$0.80 each***
*Shipping & handling is extra and determined by the amount ordered and destination.

Flight Conditioned
October...............$ 6.25
November...........$ 6.75
December...............$ 7.50
January.................$ 8.00
***Above pricing subject to change due to input cost***

Note:  Except for eggs and day old chicks that can be shipped through the mail the rest of the ages need to be pick up at the farm or can arrange for truck delivery.  We charge for loaded miles only.

Truck Delivery
$2.50 per loaded mile
***This may change depending on the changes in fuel prices***

Shipping Day Old Chicks and Eggs
We ship throughout the continental United States
We ship chicks by US Post Office Priority Mail unless delivery is 3 day then Express Mail. We email you the weekend before they are shipped and the tracking number the day they are shipped so be sure to check your email. You MUST examine the chicks in the presence of a postal clerk upon arrival. If more than 9% of of the chicks (over 100 orders) are dead on arrival, CALL US ASAP! Before you move any of the dead chicks in the box take pictures. Then you can take care of the live ones. We need pictures in JPG format emailed to gamefarm@harpersgamefarm.com so that we can file a claim with the Post Office. We cannot accept pictures by text message, they must be emailed.

NOTE: We connot gaurantee eggs to hatch because they can be damaged in shipment or incubation problems can occur that we have no control over.




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quail in brush
baby quail
female quail